Scouting in Bundesliga

In this article, I have compared 3 young promising advanced midfielders of the Bundesliga : Jadon Sancho (18 yo, Borussia Dortmund), Serge Gnabry (23 yo, Bayern Munich) and Leon Bailey Mandragora (21 yo, Bayer Leverkusen). Then I have confronted 6 forwards : Luka Jovic (21 yo, Eintracht Francfort), Robet Lewandowski (30 yo, Bayern Munich), Paco Alcacer (25 yo, Borussia Dortmund), Timo Werner (22 yo, RB Leipzig), Sébastien Haller (24 yo, Eintracht Francfort) and Alassane Plea (25 yo, Borussia Mönchengladbach). As I did for Serie A, I used radar plots.



As we can see, Sancho is ahead in every statistic except shots per game. He is at 0,4 for shot conversion (almost one goal every 2 shots) and 0,22 expected assist per game. Bailey is quite behind the others in terms of scoring goals with 0,07 expected goals per shot and 0,04 shot conversion (1 goal every 24 shots).

Sancho is the one trying more dribbles but also the one that is dispossessed the most. Bailey and Gnabry are better for aerial and interceptions. Gnabry is good in defender with 1 successful tackle per game but also commiting 1 foul per game.

To conclude I would say that Sancho is ahead offensively (don’t forget he is the youngest), Bailey is quite behind in offense even if he is at almost 1,5 suffered fouls per game. Gnabry seems a bit more complete : good in attack and also in defense.

If I had to rank them :

1. Jadon Sancho

2. Serge Gnabry

3. Leon Bailey



I didn’t take into account the shots statistic because they were all between 2,7 and 3,2 shots per game so there is not big difference and it is not that important.

The first thing we can observe is that Alcacer got a shot conversion twice as high as the others (he scores every two shots !). Notice that Haller is first in terms of xG per shot (0,146), second for xA (0,158) and third for shot conversion (0,237). I was quite surprised that Lewandowski, know as an incisive scorer, is the best at xA (0,196). Werner and Plea seems a bit behind.

Haller is in reality at 6,5 aerial won per game.

Haller is largely ahead regarding aerial and is clearly the best at defense with 0,5 interceptions per game and 0,8 tackles per game. Jovic and Werner suffer 1,4 and 1,3 fouls per game which can be beneficial for their team. Alcacer started many games on the bench so of course he is quite behind but is still winning as much aerial as Werner.

To conclude I would say that Haller is a very interesting forwards : he is very good at giving assists, finishing actions and also at defense. Alcacer is very fascinating by his ability to be really realistic with one goal every two shots. Jovic and Lewandowski are good forwards in attack but a bit less when it comes into defense. Werner and Plea are great but a bit behind.

If I had to rank them :

1. Sébastien Haller

2. Luka Jovic

3. Paco Alcacer

4. Robert Lewandowski

5. Alassane Plea

6. Timo Werner